Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty Eleven

As I sit and reflect over the past year, I smile. I smile because I have a healthy family and I have healthy friends. I am surrounded by love and support constantly. I am thankful everyday for what God has provided us. I love listening to Elijah say his prayers every night as he thanks God for "Everything YOU have given us". We are truly blessed.

Like most every year, I have learned numerous things that have made me into what I feel, is a better Anissa.

I have learned from my mom to not see the glass half empty, but rather half full. (This is SO IMPORTANT TO ME because it is so true and makes your world so much brighter if you try and live by this)

I have learned from Elijah that I am not chunky, but in his eyes, a young, pretty mom.

I have learned from Cary, that plans are not always needed. Just go with the flow. (Still trying to figure this one out ;))

I have learned from myself that I cannot always be perfect and that is okay. I cannot always please everyone, and that is okay too.

The end of this year has brought sadness to my heart. A couple of my closest friends had loved ones pass away. I felt so much hurt for them and their families. It made me realize the real reaso we are here on this Earth, which is not to take things for granted but live life to the fullest. LIVE AND LOVE.

On a lighter note: At dinner one evening, with Cary's parents, we were speaking of honeymoon plans...

Elijah says, " What kind of parents leave their children behind and go on vacation?"

After Cary and his parents give the "G" rated explanation of a honeymoon, Elijah insisted on having the whole family join us anyway. Cary's dad was thrilled about the possibility of golf courses at the locations we had in mind. He didn't help at all! LOL!

Needless to say, it looks like both sets of grandparents (parents) and Elijah will be joining Cary and I on our honeymoon after the wedding. We are thrilled, really. Speechless as a matter of fact! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This coming year I will marry my best friend, the love of my entire life. I look forward to 2011 like no other year ever before.

Happy New Year to you all! May you be blessed and happy in 2011!

Elijah at Christmas 2010

Cary and I at Christmas 2010

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Karla said...

Beautiful Anissa! You've come a long way baby! Happy New Year!