Thursday, January 14, 2010

The World From His Eyes

Last night, Elijah was in the shower and I was going over his homework. I ran across a Martin Luther King paper that he wrote. It read:

I have a dream that everyone has freedom and equality. Also that terrorists will stop bombing our planes. That there will be no war around my kids. I want my country to have peace. I hope that Hispanic people will be treated fairly. Help the people who do not believe in Jesus to learn about him. I want Africa to be a rich place and not a poor. Help the social workers to get paid and not laid off. Help the world to be free and able to worship whoever they want. Please help the African American kids get a home and a family.

I chuckled and read it to Cary. We both got our chuckling out before Elijah was finished with his shower. (Especially the part about Hispanic people getting treated fairly and the part about social workers getting laid off) I don’t know WHERE he gets this stuff! When he got out of the shower I told him what an amazing job he did on his paper. He was proud.

How precious are children and their minds? He is so compassionate and caring. He makes my heart smile. My little 3rd grader cares about the war and the homeless children… to say the least.


Ambers Wave said...

That is so good! I know you are so proud of him Anissa! He is a smart little guy!!And Sooo thoughtful!!You should be Proud!

Nicknessaemma said...

Wow I seriously love that kid. He is so amazing. You should be so proud!

Janna Lynn said...

That's amazing! I hope and pray that my girls grow up to think that way. What a sweet heart he has <3