Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brain Dump

Time for a brain dump! In the past 7 months I have had the most bloggable (I know that isn’t a word, but I like it) events take place!

On Easter Sunday this year, Cary gave me the most significant, cutest, yellow little plastic egg! Inside was a gorgeous ring and he proposed to me, Elijah right alongside him! It’s almost impossible to describe my feelings in a blog, but was pretty amazing to say the least! Since that day, we have enjoyed all of the pleasures of planning a wedding. I am super blessed to have Cary in my life, along with his amazing family. I am looking very forward to our “small and intimate” wedding on July 9, 2011!

February through August consisted MOSTLY of baseball for Elijah. Elijah made the ALL STAR team in May. They had a fabulous run! They won their district, which was HUGE and made it to the Moreno Valley tournament. We stayed in a hotel, and had a blast! Did I mention it was a million thousand degrees!?

June was a big one! Elijah turned 9 years old and I turned well…….. DIRTY 30 of course!!!! Elijah had a wonderful pool party. I took the day off of work and took a few boys to the pool, had cake, pizza and fun in the sun!

My birthday was AMAZING! It was my very first party since I had Elijah. He and I are 2 days apart, and we always give him a big bash. This year was my turn! My best friends came for the entire weekend. (Jill, Kristin and Katie) We kicked it off at the piano bar with LOTS of friends and family, I gave
Cary a special dance on stage, as if it was his birthday?! On Saturday Cary and his parents took Shannon, Jill, Kristin and I to the Dodger/Yankee game at Dodger Stadium. We went to the stadium club and had appetizers and drinks. I had a ginormous, beautiful, yummy birthday cake! It was so big I shared with the staff! We ended the night at the Geisha House on Sunset and danced all night! FAB FAB FAB!!!

In July Cary, Elijah, and I went to Havasu with friends. We rented a house with a pool and a slide. We were able to take them out on the boat for a whole day! To this day, Elijah still talks about how much he enjoyed the trip, and so do we!

This past August, we made the decision to pull Elijah off of his baseball traveling team. Cary and I struggled with the decision for awhile. Looking back at that decision now, I can honestly say that we did make the best decision for HIM. He loves the game, but he had been playing for 3 years straight. It was time for a break and that is just what we did. He will start baseball back up in the spring of 2011.

That being said, we have had time to go to the movies, Elijah has had time to ride his skateboard, play video games, visit grandma, etc. He even took up trumpet playing and his first concert is December 1st! There is a whole other world out there! We were in a crazy baseball BUBBLE!!!

Elijah is at a hysterical stage. He says and likes the CRAZIEST things. He asked Cary if he was proud to be marrying a Mexican woman, and he was serious. He shakes his head in embarrassment when I sing to songs on the radio because he claims I sing the WRONG words, he even talks about pretty girls at school. (SHOOT ME NOW)

He just started 4th grade and he is a very independent, vibrant, giving, loving, and an intelligent boy with a HUGE heart. I don’t say these things JUST because he is MINE, but because he really is wonderful. He is his own person, with his own views, opinions, and sense of fashion (WHICH WE DO NOT agree upon, EVER.) But I love that about him. He has made me see a different side of things. He has made me a better person. GOSH I LOVE HIM and I am SO PROUD of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am loved, blessed and beyond happy. Just recently I came across this quote and I LOVED IT. I pictured myself doing JUST this…

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. Buddha


Karla said...

You're so blessed Anissa. I'm so glad you're happy! You've come a long way baby! You deserve every bit of happiness!

Nicknessaemma said...

I love it!